The Earth Stories Collection - Published Books

Three volumes now make up The Earth Stories Collection:

      1. The Earth Stories Collection – Vol. 0: How to Make Another World Possible with Myths, Legends and Traditional Stories
      2. The Earth Stories Collection – Vol. 1: The Myths of the Future
      3. The Earth Stories Collection – Vol. 2: Earth Stories in Action!

These three books, in their second parts, offer 111 traditional stories from 69 nations, 52 cultures and 19 spiritual or philosophical traditions.

In the first part of each book, essays are offered, with research and practical applications of the Earth Stories.

Videos on Our Stories

We have a channel in YouTube in which we are uploading videos on the stories of the Collection, like this one on your right, which is an Australian Aboriginal myth of creation: The Secret of Dreaming.

Please visit our channel in YouTube.