The Global Bank of Stories

Our proposal consists of the creation of an immense repository of myths, legends and folktales capable of illustrating the different points of the Earth Charter and infusing an integrative, holistic and non-violent worldview that fosters social and ecological justice. This bank of traditional stories wants to be an ancestral heritage of human species which is intended to be translated into all possible languages.
In line with the Global Seed Vault, in the Norwegian island of Svalbard, The Earth Stories Collection aims to collect ‘cultural seeds’ –myths, legends, fables, tales and other traditional narratives– from all humanity with two objectives:

  1. To serve as a storehouse of educational resources for the transmission of the necessary complex-systems worldview, in order to try to avoid the collapse of our civilisation due to the collapse of ecosystems.
  2. To preserve the systemic cultural heritage of human cultures to, in case of a global crisis, try to rebuild our civilisation from a systemic and ecocentric approach that avoids a new civilisational breakdown.

Thus, the aim of The Earth Stories Collection is eminently educational and cultural, but intensely mediated by action in the world leading to a global transformation of humanity.


The tasks to be performed by The Earth Stories Collection can be summarised in the following table: