The mission of The Earth Stories Collection is to offer educational tools globally for the development of a systemic, holistic and integrative worldview capable of building a new civilisation which is socially and economically just, peaceful and deeply respectful of planet Earth and its Community of Life.


The vision that encourage us is to leave future generations a cultural heritage in which all the peoples of Earth participate. This is an ancestral educational legacy capable of building and sustaining a human civilisation which finally exists in harmony with all beings and elements that populate Earth.

The Dream

The Sowers of Tides

A dream inspired the creation of The Earth Stories Collection. This dream took place during the days when Grian Cutanda was immersed in the reading of thousands of traditional stories from around the world.

Grian told it in his PhD thesis as follows:

“Let us leave once again the traditional academic discourse using the justification of the reflexive methodology. This obliges us, from the complex-systems paradigm, to reflect on our own processes and the relationships existing between them, even between the conscious and unconscious fields. Let us imitate once again that genius of the history of human thought, Carl Gustav Jung, giving our own dreams the importance they deserve.

(…) Transcript of my personal logbook, dated 17th of August, 2013

Two dreams. I woke up yesterday morning with one of them. (…)
It was the typical bizarre dream in which things change willy-nilly. I was in an old house and then, suddenly, I was flying like a free-fall parachutist. I see a man flying too, but in a kind of sailboat with a coloured sail. When I look at it, I notice that it is the flag of Venezuela.* He nosedive, and I dive into the sky to follow him. Then I think, “I do not have parachute. I’m going to smash into the ground.” Right after that, already near the ground, but now behind the window of a plane, I see the shore of the sea. I see a lot of people who are like gathering shellfish at low tide. We are flying very low, so that I suddenly realise that they are not gathering shellfish; they are not collecting things from the sand, but burying them. They are sowing something … in the sea!
As the plane goes into the sea, I see that the “sowers” are thousands, rather hundreds of thousands, getting into the sea for more than a mile or two, like a gigantic root of a tree which were branching out into the ocean.
Finally, the plane turns on the extreme of that root, and I can see that gigantic human root getting into the low tide sea from its end. The picture is awesome. And the fact is that the sea is still very shallow at this strange low tide, because waters are at the level of their ankles. The image of those hundreds of thousands of sowers is certainly wonderful… And there I woke up.


Three days after this dream, on 19th August, 2013, I wrote a brief record in my logbook: “Between 5:45 and 6:33 p.m., my head has been in a state of creative flow: THE EARTH STORIES COLLECTION.” From the obvious connection between dream and creative flow I would not become aware until months later, on 21st January, 2014. It was then that I realised that the Dream of the Sowers had been the unconscious seed which had led, three days later, to the creative flow of this project.


(Cutanda, 2016, pp. 502-503)

* I was born in Venezuela, and my parents, Spanish migrants, brought me to Spain at the age of seven.I returned to that country at 40, in 1997 and 1998.Venezuela is for me the memory of the lost paradise.

Reference: Cutanda, G. A. (2016). Relatos tradicionales y Carta de la Tierra: Hacia una educación en la visión del mundo sistémico-compleja (Traditional Stories and Earth Charter: Towards a complex-systems worldview education) (PhD thesis). University of Granada. Granada, Spain.