Donald Smith

Another global initiative collaborates with The Earth Stories Collection. This initiative was proposed by Dr Donald Smith, founder and first director of the National Theatre of Scotland and director of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival. This is one of the most important festivals of storytellers in the world.

After learning about this research, Donald Smith proposed the creation of a global network of storytelling activists who, among other tasks, will spread the stories of The Earth Stories Collection in their area of influence.


The Earth Story Tellers

After a first meeting of storytellers from more than 30 countries, held in Edinburgh in October 2017, at the 2019 Global Storytelling Lab it was agreed to create a global network of storytelling activists who will be responsible for telling stories illustrative of the priciples and values of the Earth Charter around the world. This global network has been called THE EARTH STORY TELLERS.

To be part of this network, that seeks to build a global civilization which is socially and economically fair, peaceful and deeply respectful of life and planet Earth, a Declaration was created. Adhering to and endorsing this Declaration allows any storyteller in the world to start being part of this network.

If you wish to register in The Earth Story Tellers, download the Declaration, fill in the information and send us the document in pdf to


List of Earth Story Tellers worldwide

List of storytellers who have registered in the global network of storytelling activists, The Earth Story Tellers:

  1. Name / Nation-Culture-Tradition / Area where he/she develops her/his work as a storyteller

To contact them, please contact The Earth Stories Collection.